The Machine (Official Video)

Suburban Rituals' New Music Video

Suburban Rituals

Suburban Rituals new music video, THE MACHINE, is out now.

The black and white video paints a dark dytopian picture inspired by the likes of Philip K. Dick and Alfred Hitchcock.

KJAG Interview

Jiggy Jaguar Interviews Suburban Rituals

Suburban Rituals

Suburban Rituals were recently interviewed on the Jiggy Jaguar radio show, where they discuss their debut EP and their Nosebleed music video.

You can see the full write-up here on the KJAG website.

The Machine

Video Premiere 01.09.21

Suburban Rituals

Suburban Rituals new music video, THE MACHINE, premieres this Saturday, January 9, 2021, at 7pm EST on out YouTube channel.

Set the reminder now!

Suburban Rituals EP

Out Now!

Suburban Rituals

Suburban Rituals debut EP is out now! Driven by punk rock rhythms and catchy guitar riffs, this EP contains 6 songs in a powerful 15 minutes of energy. The band's ability to write an anthemic chorus as well as blast you in the face with a shredded solo is fully on display. You WILL get hyped up listening to this.

Buy Suburban Rituals EP now on Bandcamp or stream on all major platforms!

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Xenozealot (Official Video)

Suburban Rituals debut music video

Suburban Rituals

Suburban Rituals debut music video, Xenozealot, is out now!

The fast-paced hardcore track is accompanied by a music video that reflects the band's frustrations with the current political climate.

Suburban Rituals' debut EP will be available October 30, 2020, at
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Suburban Rituals debut EP available on Bandcamp and all major streaming platforms October 30, 2020.