Smokin' Roaches


Smokin' Roaches are pioneers of what they call Post-Music. A fusion of funk, rock, reggae, hip-hop, blues and rap. Pulling influence from all over, Smokin' Roaches have released four EPs and two full-length records, played shows across Montreal and Toronto, garnered local press, and had some community radio airplay. From gorilla marketing (thousands of stickers and posters) to in-house recording and production, the band operates on a DIY attitude.

In Spring of 2012, Smokin' Roaches began the task of writing and their second full-length album. A concept album about overcoming societies woes. Over the next four years, Smokin' Roaches would write and record 50 tracks and select ten for the final release. The story of The Infestation paints a portrait of growth. We watch our characters go from having nothing to learning and growing into loving creatures, all while going through society's maze of depression, medication, and paranoia, before coming out on the otherside of their rally, declaring The Funky Party Program. A program where we all kinda just relax and love one another.

Smokin' Roaches' magnum opus, The Infestation is available on Bandcamp as well as major streaming platforms.

After nearly a decade of making music together, releasing four annual 4/20 EPs, two full-length albums, and countless shows (with antics that have both gotten them banned from a few venues as well as earned them an almost mythical status among fans), Smokin' Roaches are unfortunately on an indefinite hiatus. Nonetheless, the legend lives on through song.