Suburban Rituals


Suburban Rituals is an alternative rock band from Montreal, Canada, creating a blend of punk rock and metal in the vein of early 00’s rock. Their sound is defined by driving drums, thick guitar riffs, and badass solos.

The band’s debut EP is an action-packed six songs with lyrical themes ranging from suicide to a not-so-distant dystopian future. Since it's release Oct 30, 2020, the self-titled release has received airplay on campus and community radio stations across North America.

Suburban Rituals EP is host to three singles: Nosebleed, The Machine, and Xenozealot. Nosebleed is an upbeat punk song about the pitfalls of addiction and its effect on everyone around an addict. The music video is filmed as a hyperlapse as we see time and life pass by our lonely subject. The Machine is a high-energy hybrid of hardcore punk rock and metal about data collection and the increasing omni-present surveillance in our modern society. The song’s lyric video is inspired by cyberpunk fiction and done in black and white to reflect old horror films. Xenozealot is a metal-inspired track in the vein of Rage Against The Machine that takes aim at zealots, biggots, and racists. It's music video is made up of footage from the dumpster fire that was 2020.

Suburban Rituals EP is out now on all major streaming platforms.